frog and tiger

frog and tiger

On a sunny Sunday, Father Sun looked at the earth with a smile, the birds sang merrily in the forest, and all the animals awoke.

The frog slowly came out and stretched extensively. I thought to myself, the weather is really nice today, I’ll go to the pond to enjoy the sunshine for a while. The frog came to the pond and found a stone on which he could safely sit down. At that moment, a tiger came from the opposite side. When he saw the frog, he thought to himself, What kind of animal is this? Even the tiger, the king of the forest, isn’t afraid. So the tiger asked the frog in a majestic tone, “Who’re you?” The frog heard it and jumped down from the stone. When the tiger asked him who he was, he felt ignorant. Suddenly the frog rolled his eyes and decided to scare the tiger. He said, “What, you don’t even know me? I’m a famous frog!” You dare to call yourself famous? In my eyes, you’re not even worthy of being a scumbag.” The tiger laughed when he heard this. When the frog saw that the tiger didn’t believe him, he scared him and said, “I only eat tigers. Just yesterday I ate ten big tigers!” The tiger smiled and said, “Only you, a tiger. A tiger’s skin can kill you. The frog saw that the tiger wasn’t fooled, so he said, “If you don’t believe it, okay, let’s make a game.” “Okay, tell me, how can you compare?” “Then let’s compete against each other in the long jump, and whoever jumps the farthest wins,” he said. “Okay, I’ll jump first!” “When Tiger heard the long jump, he was already preparing for a big fight.

At the beginning, I saw the tiger jumped lightly and jumped off directly. The frog bit directly into the tiger’s tail and flew out with the tiger. The tiger looked back, what about the frog? He asked aloud: Little thing, where are you? “You look back. The frog’s voice came from the tiger’s back. As soon as he turned his head, he wondered, Why was the frog behind him? How could he be so fast? It was unbelievable. When the tiger suddenly saw tiger hair in the frog’s mouth, he asked him, “Why do you’ve tiger hair in your mouth?” Tiger hair? “The frog said, “I said that I ate ten big tigers yesterday, but you still don’t believe me. “Tiger said incredulously, “Can you really eat a tiger?” The frog nodded bravely. When the tiger heard this, he got scared and ran away.

In this story, the frog used his cleverness to scare the tiger away. We must learn from the frog, but not be as ignorant as the tiger.


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