Fairy tale cat and mouse

Fairy tale cat and mouse

Fairy tale cat and mouse

Long, long ago cats didn’t eat mice, and then there were reasons why cats should eat mice.

There’s a cat that’s good friends with a mouse. They live under the same house. One day the cat and the mouse went to buy a jar of lard that they needed for the winter. The mouse said, “Don’t put the lard at home, I want to eat it, why don’t you put it in the old house over there!”. That’s still far away from here, so I can’t eat it.” The cat nodded in agreement. One day the mouse suddenly said, “My oldest sister is having a baby, and my sister wants to invite me over for dinner.” The cat said, “If that’s the case, hurry up! Come back early.”

So the mouse went away, and on the way the mouse thought, ” I’m smart after all, I’ll eat lard. When they arrived at the lard store, there stood a man with a black hood, a black cloak, a horn on each side of his head, and a black wand in his hand. After a while, another man appeared in an uncolored dress and with a wand in his hand. “Who’re you? How can you come here and steal some food?” the mouse asked loudly. “You’re just like us, eat quickly. Sooner or later you’ll have to eat.” Said the mouse in black. “Actually, this time you bought it with your good friend. You should ask him to eat it together. You eat it together, too.” The guy who didn’t see the color said in a low voice. “Don’t listen to him, let’s eat quickly.” Said the man in black impatiently.

So they took off the lid and ate. When it got dark, the mouse went back. The cat saw the oil on his fat belly and asked, “What happened to your oldest sister?” The mouse said, “My oldest sister gave birth to a fat white girl.” The cat said, “Oh! Good too.”

A few days later, the mouse said again, “Brother cat, it’s my second sister’s birthday today and she asked me to go to dinner.” “Okay, let’s go, just come back early.” It was dark, and the mouse came back and touched his stomach, his mouth was shining. The cat asked again, “Your second sister’s food is really good! Is it broken?” The mouse said awkwardly: “Fortunately, it’s.”

Winter came in a flash, and it snowed heavily for four days and nights. The cat said, “It’s almost New Year’s Eve, and I can’t find any food. Let’s go tomorrow and get the lard back!” “Okay!” The mouse replied absent-mindedly. The next morning, the mouse went after it, and the cat went ahead toward the old house. When we arrived at the place, the cat saw mouse footprints all over the floor at first sight, and the lard that had opened the lid had fallen on the floor. The cat understood everything and said, “That’s right, why did you do that?” “You stop for me.” The cat looked after the mouse, which ran away without explanation, and chased after it.

From now on, the cat will catch the mouse when it sees it, and the mouse will run away when it sees the cat!


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