Fox Dwelling

Fox Dwelling

One day, the fox decided to quit his job in the forestry company because he was dissatisfied with the monthly income of 300 yuan in forest coins, and wanted to be his own boss – a street stall. I heard that this is very profitable!

The next day, early in the morning, the fox bought a lot of goods, a dazzling array of melons and fruits, all kinds of clothes, and began to sell things.

As soon as the sun came out, the fox began to desperately scream with his sharp beak.

The little rabbit saw a hairpin in the shape of a carrot and said to the mother rabbit, “Mama, I want to buy a hairpin.”

The mother rabbit looked up and saw that it was a fox smiling. She sensed that there was nothing good, so she said to the little rabbit, “The fox is the most sneaky and cunning. He has no good intentions. I almost got eaten by him once!” After hearing this, she was so frightened that she ran away with Mother Rabbit without saying a word.

The fox looked after them with a grim expression and thought angrily, ” I kindly let you go then, but now you will not buy my things. I will definitely catch you and eat you later!

After a busy morning, but still without income, the fox cheered up and continued screaming.

Who would have thought that the Lion King was also here to buy something. He picked something from the fox’s stall. The fox looked worried, but did not dare say so for fear of being reprimanded, so he could only tactfully say to the Lion King, “The Lion, Your Majesty, what do you want to buy?”

“I want to buy fresh fruit. I have been eating too many meaty ones. Why do not you try a different flavor? By the way, do you have fresh fruit here?” the Lion King asked loudly.

The fox was frightened, and he felt guilty – all his fruits were stale. He was afraid of upsetting the Lion King and lied that they were all fresh. The Lion King chose one to eat, but it did not taste very good. Just as he was about to buy it, the big monkey suddenly ran up and said to the Lion King, “Your Majesty, you can not buy that! They are all stale. I have eaten fruit for so many years, can I be wrong? Your Majesty, you must believe me!”

The Lion King ate another one. He believed what the great ape had said, for this one was astringent! He did not say a word, just threw the fruit on the ground and walked away in a rage…

Over the next few days, the fox did not earn even half a cent. The fox lost money, and the business could not continue. He could not return to the forestry business, so he had to find a job again. After many hardships, he finally found one, but he only had a hundred forest coins a month.

The fox bowed his head and said, “I will never do anything rash again. Impulsiveness has cost me a good job.” Yes, this is the punishment for the fox’s rashness!


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