Hurt but so what

Hurt but so what

I looked around the world, it was up and down. Indeed, life is not born to be happy, but to experience ups and downs and hardships. The best gift God gives us is not money and beauty, but a weathered body.

Everyone in society has suffered from indifference and career crushes, but so what, others will not feel sorry for you because you are bankrupt, and you might lose even more if you get help from others. So what you need to do is not let yourself be “told off” or “told off”. Instead, stand up and say lightly, “No need, I have my own hands, and I will use them to prove myself.” If you have the courage to give up charity and say this sentence, you will have more money than wealth. something, a strong heart.

Hurt, but so what. After Gou Jian was defeated, not only was he not defeated, he became stronger. No matter how hard it was, he did not feel it; no matter how strong the enemy was, he did not feel fear. In the end, he defeated the enemy not with the army, but with a broken heart because it can endure anything.

Hurt, but so what. Film and television superstar Zhou Xingchi, everyone only sees his dazzling halo, but not the hardships behind him. When I was sixteen years old, I first joined the crew, and my first role was just an extra. Who would have thought that Zhou Xingchi had such an embarrassing experience? But by chance, he became the lead in a small film and became an instant hit. There is a lot of smiling on the field, everyone is a cheerful person, but in reality he is a serious person, but he has a firm heart and can adjust his smile at any time.

Butterflies can play flowers only when they get out of the chrysalis; young eagles can fly high only when they throw themselves off the cliff; eagles can shine again only when they grind their claws. The same is true for humans. Only after experiencing the moderation of setbacks can they stand and stay on the ground, and then they can become immortal. If scientists give up when they encounter difficulties, is there still current technology? If people give up when they encounter setbacks, is there still a high degree of evolution? If people only learn to give up, what is the value of existence?

Many people today have lost the spirit of their ancestors, and persistence is less and less common. The ancestors may lose a finger to catch one for dinner, but they still live their lives, but today’s students, the exams are bad, I just thought of jumping off the building. Since I had the courage to die again, why did not I have the courage to pick up the book?


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