warm my heart

warm my heart

warms my heart
At home there is care and family care. Outside, there are always people who warm our hearts, both as adults and as children; maybe colleagues or strangers.

There is a warmth that has always been in my heart, but I only had time to write it today. I’m so busy these days that I don’t have time for the weekends.

Spring release this year, I didn’t have the usual expectations and excitement.One is that I’m worried about my feet and the other is that since I’m not the principal this time, I’m not that close to the students. I missed a fall tour last semester, I feel like I lost half a century. However, I am not lost. Even though I was in the ancient city of Guanshan, so what? Just go relax, cultivate a relationship with the students, if you can’t walk, sit down and rest.When I arrived in class, the students were very excited when they saw me and greeted me. Xu Yibo said that I was beautifully dressed. In fact, I just put on my gym clothes. The beauty in the eyes of the students is special. It’s not business as usual!We line up to get in the car. Xie Siqi said, “Mr. Lei, can I sit with you?” I said, “Of course I can.” I was a little happy: I finally have a small fan.Along the way, we sang, mainly because the students were singing very loudly. It turned out that the students of class 34 were so talented and brave. At that time, they were completely relaxed, without the constraints of the classroom, and showing off their best skills. What surprised me was that Liu Zhixu recited “Memories of Jiangnan” and Zou Kaicheng recited “When the Bright Moon Comes”.. Zhang Tianzhao and Zhang Kaicheng are simply Maiba! I sat in front, listening to their laughter, the corners of my mouth lifted and the heat was endless. Later, Master Zhu threw the microphone at me and I reluctantly sang “Flame.”.

Along the way, I met a little boy who took special care of me. He continued to pay attention to me in the car, and when he saw me closing my eyes, he asked me if I was car sick or uncomfortable. When I arrived at Guanshan Ancient Town, she also stayed by my side, took the initiative to help me carry things, asked me if my feet hurt, and if I had need to rest… I was very moved and I had an indescribable feeling. At the same time, I also think: I am so lucky to have such a student! Her mother is so lucky to have such a caring daughter! Later, I fell behind.I quickly found the team. When she saw me, she happily ran up to me and asked, “Mister you, you’re finally here, where did you just be?” I said, “I’ve fallen behind..”I felt that when I wasn’t there he kept looking, I’m very worried about me… He said, ‘Mr.She, your foot hurts, or I’ll help you…” When the other students immersed themselves in the game, only she remembered to take care of me…

She is tall and tall, and has a very delicate heart. She is – Liao Xueyao. A girl who makes me infinitely hot.

Of course, when I came back from the spring tour, my feet hurt so much that I couldn’t sleep at night… But when I think of Xueyao, I smile and forget everything.


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