Forest games

Forest games

Forest games
The wide sky, without a trace of cloud, is tiled blue, like a deep, deep sea.

In the forest, a group of small animals play happily, some using stones and thick, long wooden boards to build seesaws, others dancing gracefully on the branches, and still others using vines that they tie to the branches to swing… At this time, on the winding road in the distance, Mr. Rabbit passed by on a motorcycle. He said loudly to the little animals, “I have good news for you, there is a new sports meeting in our forest, everyone come and join in!” “There will be another sports meeting?” The little animals asked joyfully. “Yes, yes, you must hurry and practice, get ready!” The enthusiastic and busy Mr. Rabbit had no time to say anything to them, because he had to tell the good news to the other little animals. After Mr. Rabbit left, the little fat pig thought for a while and asked his good friend Xiaoxiong, “Do you think I can attend the sports meeting?” Xiaoxiong answered the little fat pig without hesitation, “Of course I can!” The little fat pig listened. In its heart, it felt sweet and a little uncomfortable at the same time, because it had no confidence in itself.

A few days later, the elephants on the hill registered the little animals. The small animals lined up in a long queue. The little bear and the little fat pig had their turn. The elephant asked, “What do you want to participate in?” The little bear said, “In the running contest.” ?” “Let us go running too,” the little bear replied. The little cat heard it and smiled “hee hee” next to him. Bear and chubby ignored it. At that time, the little donkey came triumphantly, with a gold medal on his chest, which he had won last year in the running competition, and people called him the donkey champion.

Every morning, the little bear and the little fat pig get up early to practice running, and the little donkey and the little cat eat, drink and play together, showing their gold medals everywhere.

The sports festival began, and the competitions were rich and colorful. Finally, it was the turn of the running competition. The little fat pig and the little bear prepared carefully. The referee gave a command and they ran fast. Only the little donkey was in no hurry and was not in a hurry. Mr. Rabbit asked, “Little Donkey, why are not you running fast?” The little donkey said triumphantly, “Let them run half first, then I can catch up with them.” Mr. Rabbit was riding a motorcycle and said to the little fat pigs, “The little donkey has not started running yet, so run fast.” The little donkey saw that they were almost running and called out, “I am coming!” At that moment, a soccer ball flew by, and the little donkey kicked the soccer ball back onto the field. Xiao Hua Mao excitedly shouted, “Donkey champion, you are so cool, let me draw a picture for you.” When the little donkey wanted to pose, he found that the gold medal on his chest was missing. He lay on the ground looking for it everywhere, hurriedly spinning in circles. By this time, the little bear and the little fat pig had already overtaken the little donkey. When Xiao Maolu came out of the forest, the bear and the little pig had reached the end. The donkey not only lost last year’s gold medal, but also the gold medal in this competition.

The little donkey walked to the finish line with his head down and was very sad. He was very embarrassed in view of the small animals in the forest, and he was determined not to be proud in the future.


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