Enrich yourself rather than please others

Enrich yourself rather than please others

Enrich yourself rather than please others
Often we have asked ourselves, what can we get to please others? Is it to give a little stability to a restless heart in the impetuosity, or to find a little stability in this complicated world? But does it really make your life a little more fulfilling? Obviously not, because you have to believe that it is often more beneficial to enrich yourself than to please others.

The so-called self-enrichment is not to seek selfishness, to be selfish, but to live out your own style in gestures. Friends won with human affection are temporary; friends won with personality are long-term. As Tagore said, “I cannot choose the best, but the best chooses me”. If you plant a sycamore tree, you attract phoenixes. If you bloom, the butterflies will come of their own accord.

Enrich yourself, constantly explore new possibilities and evolve. Too much glamor sometimes confuses us and unconsciously forces us to “conform” to the words and actions of the public. Bob Dylan, a great singer who cannot be precisely defined, has abandoned his family background, has been on the road for more than 50 years, realizing his youthful dreams, constantly overthrowing, trying out, reinventing, constantly enriching and improving himself, and continues to expand and develop his life by learning as he goes. As he said, “I am not omnipotent, the greatest thing I can do is to be myself”. He has no need to please anyone, and he has no need to intentionally flatter anyone, that’s why he has over 10,000 fans, because his pursuit of constantly exploring and enriching himself has given him that dazzling light that subconsciously excites and fascinates people.

Enrich yourself and live out your own style. “When I was a teenager, I was insanely fond of the words ‘take me away.’ Now I do not let anyone take me away, I have learned to go myself,” Xu Zhimo said. Instead of constantly trying to please others, it is better to enrich your own world. Facing a new era with extreme cultures and genres, Index Finger has always insisted on enriching his own writing style. Like spring thunder, his poems have touched and warmed generations. In the era of pesticides, Rachel Carson courageously launched the environmental movement. Her relentless pursuit of truth and constant self- improvement inspired countless future generations to move forward; when fast-paced, glittering life crushed people’s hearts, Thoreau resolutely set everything aside and set out alone to explore the sacred land that was his. His pursuit of spiritual enrichment and personal worth has sounded an alarm to countless people wandering blindly… The years and the sound of the waves have gradually faded away, but their immortal splendor of chasing and enriching their blossoms remains in the hearts of people.

Just as there are often dragons in the so-called Lingshen, Wugao has its own phoenix habitat. Enriching oneself is more powerful than pleasing others and relying on them. Is not Rui Chenggang, who has a wide network of people, in prison with no one to save him? Maverick, like Wang Xiaobo, is not like other people who voluntarily become “missing dogs.” Instead, he continues to enrich his own humor and wisdom, and eventually he has won countless praises and persecutions. By enriching ourselves and making continuous progress, we will naturally meet some like-minded true friends, and the flowering of life will be even more splendid through this continuous enrichment.

Socrates said, “Everyone has the sun, the main thing is to make it shine.” If we enrich ourselves, the butterflies will come by themselves as we bloom. In this journey of constant exploration and enrichment, we will eventually find our own unique brilliance.


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