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Two and a half years later, Naruto returned to the Konoha ninja village after the practice led by Jiraiya, and “Xiao” also began to attack the mighty Tailed Beast’s sacrificial power in his body. Team 7 searches for Sasuke as he battles them with other Konoha ninjas. “Xiao” managed to capture the Seven-Tailed Beasts, and the power of the kidnapped sacrifices, except for the “Fifth Kazekage” Gaara died. The Konoha Ninja also subsequently defeated the members of “Xiao”. Konoha also tried to use Scorpion, an Akatsuki member’s spy, to go undercover to Orochimaru in order to wipe him out with one blow, but was used by Orochimaru and was defeated by Sasuke, who reappeared.Shortly after, Sasuke turned his back on Orochimaru and managed to destroy the other side; went to get revenge on Itachi. After Itachi’s death, Sasuke managed to obtain the Eye of the Blood Wheel from the Kaleidoscope, but learned from the Black-Handed Kite that he claimed to be Uchiha Madara’s “Akatsu” behind the scenes that Itachi had received a mission from the top of Konoha to slaughter the Uchiha family to prevent the coup from happening. ; Itachi accepted the mission on the condition that Sasuke be spared. Sasuke, who learned the truth, felt pain and anger and joined the Akatsuki to destroy the Konoha ninja village. The leader of “Xiao”, Pein, kills Jiraiya and destroys the Konoha ninja village.Naruto eventually defeated Paine’s Controller, Nagato; and he succeeded in making the latter repent by expressing his thoughts. This earned Naruto the respect and recognition of Konoha villagers.

After Nagato’s death, Tobi, who claimed to be Madara Uchiha, announced to the Five Shadow Talks that he would capture all the Nine-Tailed Beasts to complete the grand illusion “Infinite Tsukiyomi” in order to control all of humanity and achieve peace in the world. . Although Sasuke failed to attack the Conference of Five Shadows, he managed to kill the other side in battle with Deputy Hokage Danzo. Considering Madara’s great threat to the ninja world and Tobi’s declaration of “Project Moon Eye”, the five shadows of the five ninja kingdoms joined forces to fight Tori and her alliance with him; The Fourth Ninja War breaks out.During the battle, Naruto’s enthusiasm gradually affected the Nine-Tails who hated humans, and he was determined to help Naruto. But with the reincarnation of the real Madara, it was confirmed that the previous Madara was a fake kite; then during the battle, Naruto and his party learned that the kite was Kakashi’s former partner, Uchiha Obito, who is believed to have died in service. It turned out that Madara Uchiha saved Obito’s life, but Obito changed characters due to the death of his favorite partner Rin and turned around to go along with Ban’s plan. after Ban’s death, he started behaving like him. On the other hand, Sasuke encountered Itachi, who was reincarnated in the dirty ground; he followed him to defeat Kazuo and freed the reincarnation from the dirty ground. Then he resurrected Orochimaru and asked him to help him “understand some things”.When Sasuke learned the story of the Konoha ninja village from Naruto, reincarnated by Orochimaru, he decided to protect the village and came to the battlefield to fight side by side with Naruto and Sakura to stop Madara and Obito from attempting to initiate “Infinite Tsukiyomi”‘s plan to control all of humanity. However, Madara, who was born and resurrected through reincarnation and became the sacrifice of the Ten-Tails, was betrayed by Heijue. Madara’s body was was swallowed by ten tails and Kaguya Otsutsuki, the ancestor of the ninja who planned to recover all the chakra in the world, was resurrected.To fight against the final leader Kaguya, Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura, as in the past, joined their forces with Kakashi’s support, and Seventh Team eventually returned to form, including Obito choosing to sacrifice his life to help Seventh Team block Kaguya’s attack.Kaguya was eventually sealed by the “Land of Six Paths Explosive Star” cast by Naruto and Sasuke, Madara
also died again. When peace comes, Sasuke uses the Eye of Reincarnation to control all Tailed Beasts, intending to start a revolution to change the system of the ninja world. Naruto fights Sasuke in a final battle to stop his plans. After a fierce battle between the two in the final battle, Sasuke admits he lost to Naruto. World Ninja War 4 ended with Naruto and Sasuke reconciling.After the war, Kakashi became the Sixth Hokage and forgave Sasuke. Eventually, Sasuke left Konoha Ninja Village on a journey of redemption, and Naruto came to say hello and goodbye.

Years later, Naruto marries Hinata, and he is only one step away from the goal set at the beginning of the story: to become Hokage.


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