Thanks to my primary school teacher

Thanks to my primary school teacher

Thanks to my primary school teacher
Every year, on the occasion of teachers’ day, I write an article to a teacher. This way I remind myself not to forget the teacher’s kindness and at the same time I encourage myself to be a good teacher.

This year, I want to write about the Chinese teacher and class teacher who taught me in the fifth and sixth grade of my elementary school, teacher Lei Guoxuan.

You hold a very special place in my heart. His influence on my life cannot be written in an article.We haven’t seen each other since elementary school. It’s been eighteen years, I don’t know if Mr. Lei still remembers me, but I still remember, I clearly remember Mr. Lei’s appearance, medium height, dark hair, bright smile and clean, and that clear and sonorous…

When I was in fifth and sixth grade, I was more reasonable and I still remember a lot of things clearly.

When I was a child, I was polite and reasonable, active and conscientious in learning, and I was a good monitor and assistant for teachers. Mr. Lei asked me to go see him alone to memorize the text.I memorized all the texts that I learned, even if the texts are very long and very long, I memorized them. The teacher likes me very much. In fact, every time I go to the teacher to recite the text, I still get quite nervous, but at the same time I also have a feeling of superiority, because only I can go to the teacher to recite the text. Therefore, I appreciate it more and study it more seriously.

Then, although I was very advanced, I had little courage.Never dare raise your hand to speak in class. Mr. Lei encouraged me several times, but I still didn’t dare. Every time the teacher asked a question, my heart raced and I was very nervous. Even though I wasn’t looking at the teacher, I felt that the teacher was looking at me expectantly.So, I encouraged myself: raise your hand, raise your hand… I felt my heart beating so hard that it was about to come out of my heart. But in the end, I haven’t raised my hand yet.I remember once Mr. Lei said in front of the whole class, “Qunxiang, don’t wait until you graduate, you haven’t raised your hand yet…” My face turned red with a “swoosh “…I feel sorry for the teacher and I disappoint the teacher’s expectations. This time, I finally raised my hand bravely and finally conquered myself. Later, my courage grew stronger.I really want to thank my dear teacher Ray.

I still remember a first year lesson. At this time, Mr. Lei congratulated me in front of the whole class, “Look, Qunxiang is sitting up straight, everyone should learn from her!” Thanks to the teacher’s praise, I sat up straighter, so far none of them are myopic or wear glasses, and almost all the classmates around me wear eyes.Friends have asked me strangely, “It’s a wonder you don’t wear glasses after reading so many books!” I smiled.

Once again, I will never forget it in all my life. That day, Mr. Lei said to the whole class, “Qunxiang, she is smart and serious.You can all see in the future, Qunxiang will definitely be admitted to college. “What a powerful sentence! You know, hardly anyone in our village is admitted to college. In my little heart, even though I yearned for college, I never dared to dream of it, may I really get into college?I have no idea. How is the university? I do not even know. I was ignorant and suddenly full of fantasies and hopes for college.

When I was in middle school and high school, if I didn’t pass the exam, I immediately thought of Mr.Her encouragement for me and the words she said: Qunxiang will definitely go to college. So I immediately adjusted my mindset, was positive and optimistic and carried on. The college principal also praised me for my strength and optimism and held me up as an example to encourage other students.

High school is getting closer and closer to the university entrance exam. Eventually, I got into college.Finally, I was admitted to the free doctoral school.

My studies are going well. Behind all this, there are not only my efforts, but also the constant encouragement of my teachers. Although Mr. Lei was not by my side and we did not meet after the separation, the teacher’s words of strength, expectation and friendship always encouraged me.After so many ups and downs, only the teacher’s affection can never be forgotten. Forget the past like a smoke, I hope the teacher is still healthy!

Thank you, my dear master Ray!


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