Aftermath of Deep Sea mobilization

Aftermath of Deep Sea mobilization

The film “Deep Sea Finding” tells above all a story: Once upon a time there were two submarines, one named Ali and the other named Mei Mei. They heard that there was a sea monster not far away, so they set foot in search of the sea monster. road.

On their way to find the sea monster, their package was swept away by the sea, but that didn’t stop them from looking for the sea monster. So they picked up the pace, brought their good friends, and searched for them together.

They went through a lot of difficulties on the road, for example, they encountered a tornado, they were almost swept away by the bad guys, etc. But in the end, they all survived. come.Finally, after their hard work, they finally found the place where the sea monster lived and found out where a sea monster was! There are no sea monsters at all! But the long-lost Captain Nemo was controlled by the magnetic stone. The magnetic stone will make people greedy. Captain Nemo and his aides began to get greedy.

They wanted to use the power of the magnetic stone to destroy the whole ocean. .

Just when they wanted to destroy the ocean, Ali was quick and took advantage of his unpreparedness to retrieve the magnet stone and ultimately saved the entire ocean.

Through this film, I understood a truth, which is the power of unity. No matter what difficulties we encounter, as long as we unite, we will surely overcome the difficulties.

At the same time, justice will eventually overcome evil. When we encounter danger, we must use our brains, not only must we be brave and resourceful. Just like Ali, he encountered many difficulties and obstacles, but he actively tried to find a way and never compromised.

When we visited the Forbidden City on the second day of this summer camp, we separated from the team. I was very scared and panicked, but my partner was really calm and asked for police help in time, and finally found the team, otherwise the consequences would have been unimaginable, I would have lacked the ability to Ali to be calm, witty and courageous in difficult times, after seeing this movie, I have to learn from Ali and my friends.


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